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100. A New Year 2019: 9. My favourite Miniatures game currently

Today I talk about a type of game I rarely play, but this one I find interesting enough that I bought a starter set and play this with my boy off and on.

World of Warcraft (WoW): Miniatures Game

Doesn't it look cool?

The miniatures look so awesome.

Each player can have up to 3 characters at a time, and each character has its own special powers, movement etc.

There is a paper playmat that comes with the starter set. Each Character rests upon a dial that keeps track of health. You roll dice to see how many hits you have and you roll dice for defence.

I love the game by itself, and it also reminds me of the WoW Trading Card Game, and of course, the computer game ... and the iOS game Hearthstone.

Now to complete my WoW game set would be to look for the WoW Board Game. Heheh

Do you play miniatures?

If yes, what is your favourite? Why?

If no, I urge you to get one and try....

See you next week!

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