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101. A New Year 2019: 10. My favourite gateway games at this time

There are some games that are simple and fun to play and easy to learn for new board gamers, sometimes called gateway games. These are just a few of my current favourite, nice because easy to teach my kids and fun for them to pick up...

1. Spot It - Simple, fun and fast

2. Coup - A bluffing game, with very few cards, but full of intrigue...

3. Sushi Go - Like the Japanese food? You'll like the game too

4. Saboteur - Kids pick this up quite easily....

What games do you like to play?

Which games do you find easy to teach kids?

5. Monster Hero Academy - A simple game combining school and fantasy themes, I heard this is a Malaysian designed game... cool right?

6. Dragonwood - A fantasy themed card game suitable for kids...

7. Eggs and Empires - Everyone has the same set of cards powered 1 to 10.

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