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102. A New Year 2019: 11. My favourite resource on Board Games (and Card games etc) - The Dice Tower

Do you have a go-to place for the things you love? Where are your resources for your passion/hobby?

For my board games hobby, my go-to resource is The Dice Tower.

In here you can read all the Board Games news and stuff you need.

I also go to their YouTube page a lot too, to scout out games that interest me.

The main man in The Dice Tower is Tom Vasel.

He has 2 other guys who help him out a lot in reviews: Sam Healey and Zee Garcia.

Then there's Eric and Mandy and Suzanne, and so many more people in the Dice Tower and the Dice Tower network whom I have grown to love to watch.

Subscribe to their YouTube page and you will find many segments which are awesome!

Some examples of the segments are:

Board Game Breakfast: Live and Recorded versions

Reviews by:

and so many more stuff!

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