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106. Training a Trainer (Learnings): 2. The Learning Mindset

My learnings as I taught a Train the Trainer session can be broken into three parts: 1. Mindset 2. Content 3. Delivery

Today, I look at the first mindset: Learning

Before we can teach others, we ourselves have to be teachable. We need to have a love of learning. We need to remember that while we may be quite knowledgable in some areas, we can be mediocre in others and even terrible in some. Therefore, we need to be humble to admit that: A. We have more things to learn; B. We can learn from other teachers; and C. We can also learn from our students

We stop growing when we stop learning. Therefore, let us go out there not merely as trainers/teachers, but as learners, and the more we learn, the more we have to impart unto others....

Let us go out there and learn!

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