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107. Training a Trainer (Learnings): 3. The Sharing Mindset

Today we continue my learning series about the mindset of a trainer.

As Teachers, on top of a Learning Mindset (covered last week), we should also have a Sharing Mindset. As Trainers or Teachers, we need to be generous, with the knowledge or skills that we have, and to always be willing to share these skills and knowledge with people around us. We cannot be selfish. We need to be willing for others to know more than us.

There is a story I heard about ancient kungfu masters. It was said that they always teach a maximum of 99% of their skills to their students, keeping the last 1% to themselves so that the students are not able to rise up and beat them in combat, because there is always this one super move that will be kept for over ambitious students.

While that might be logical in that context, as trainers today, knowledge needs to be freely shared. No secrets. The more everyone knows the better the organisation / society will become.

So are you willing to freely share of yourselves and your experiences to your audience / students? If yes, you are definitely material to be an effective trainer.

Stay tuned for the third mindset next week.

Have a good week ahead!

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