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110. Training a Trainer (Learnings): 6. Content - Educational

This week we continue to explore the type of content a trainer should provide for his or her participants. Last week we covered Researched Content. Today I want to highlight Educational Content.

What is that? The materials have to be able to cause the students to learn something, many things. The participants should go home after the session knowing something more than when they arrive. That should be the minimum value added service we can and must provide as a teacher or trainer.

Do your materials educate? How do we ensure that?

I suggest 3 ways:

1. There must be a learning point (at least one) in your session;

2. What is the message you want the student to go home remembering? A moral lesson? A how to do something process?

3. Where can they go to get more information on a specific topic you highlighted? Don’t let their learning end with you. Point them to at least another source they can get further info. A book, a website, a person etc.

Can we make our materials more educational? Let us try...

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