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114. Training a Trainer (Learnings): 10. Delivery - Engagement

We look at the last section of my learnings from the Train the Trainer session I conducted a few months ago.

We looked at the Mindset of a trainer, the Content that a trainer needs to prepare, and for the next few weeks, some key aspects of delivery of the materials or content.

Today we look at a delivery focused on engagement. When a trainer prepares the delivery, it cannot be only focused one way, not just the teacher pouring out knowledge onto the audience. It is not a performance. There should be back and forth with the audience.

Engagement can include:

1. Quizzes

2. Role play preparation and acting

3. Discussion questions

4. Etc

Engagement can have the following positive aspects: 1. Keeps the audience awake, interested; 2. Get the people interacting with each other and the teacher; 3. Allowing the participants to think and do, to process the things taught; 4. Allowing the people to be part of the learning process

Have you engaged your audience recently? What do you do? Do share your ideas

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