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116. Training a Trainer (Learnings): 12. Delivery - No distractions!

Today we continue to look at the Delivery part of a Trainer's toolkit. What type of delivery should we give to our audience?

I would suggest: a non distractive one.

What do I mean by that?

Today we are bombarded by distractions everywhere. It makes sending a message that much more challenging to achieve. Therefore as a presenter, we must seek to remove as many distractions as we can so that our participants can receive the message that you want to share as clearly as possible.

Some distractions to be aware of:

1. Noise from various parts of your class: for e.g. other groups of people, other events/classes held in the same venue at the same time, noisy air cons, etc

2. Lighting problems: too bright, too dark, blinking lights, etc

3. Temperature problems: Too cold, too hot

4. Other things to see: big open windows with activities going on outside

5. Presentation slides: No slides when some may be helpful, too much animation when less would be better, etc

6. Pacing: Moving around too much, or not moving at all

7. Too many speech crutches: Ah, um, like, err, etc

These are all small things, but if you handle the small things well, the big things you do will be much more memorable.

No one will comment much when the small things are done well, but trust me, if they are not addressed properly, you will have plenty of complaints....

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