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117. Training a Trainer (Learnings): 13. Delivery - From Moment to Movement!

My final post for the quarter, and the last one in this series where I cover the elements of delivery, this time, looking at From Moment to Movement....

What does that mean? Many people try to make their presentations memorable... a very memorable moment... but many stop there. When the audience goes home, they just had a nice experience but seldom with anything else.

I believe that as a trainer or teacher, the audience should experience a moment, yes, but also be inspired to bring it to a movement... a call to action, a change in behaviour, taking a small step in doing something, a movement from where they were to where they want to go.

Let's therefore deliver a session that not only give fuzzy feelings but an urgency to get them moving the moment they get up and step out of the class or auditorium.

So how can we inspire and motivate? Share your ideas ...

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