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119. My Journey so far as an STM TEE student… 2. My first year, 2018 and my first 2 modules - Induct

January 2018 came and I signed up for my first class: Inductive Bible Study.

Going for classes on some Friday nights, the whole of some Saturdays and half of some Sundays were fun at the beginning.

Met new friends, fellow students, and fellow Christians from other denominations, such as Methodist, Anglican, Baptist, Free Church, Brethren Assembly, etc

Reminded me of my time in Christian Fellowship at college.

Going for lectures and doing assignments again brought my college and university days back to mind.

What I learnt from my first module: Inductive Bible Study

  1. Leading Bible Study in class is fun;

  2. A refreshing way to approach scripture and prepare for Bible Studies

  3. Working with another person to prepare one study session is hard (negotiation skills have to be practised here)

  4. Preparing for Bible Study helps me structure my thoughts (helpful skill for sermon preparation as well)

My second module was called Family Ministry and it was held over up to 10 Thursday nights over a period of 3 months

Met more new friends as I realised that different people will register for different modules.

What I learnt from my second module: Family Ministry

  1. Christian education starts at home

  2. The primary people responsible for the faith education of my kids are their parents

  3. The church and church community help support their education

  4. Parents need to be educated as they are educating their children

  5. The church has to find a way to support the education of the parents

Of course, along with ministry knowledge, I also learnt new ways of writing essays and submitting assignments.

Until my post next week…

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