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121. My Journey so far as an STM TEE student… 4. My fourth module - Pastoral Leadership and Ministry

The next module is a Core module for the MCM course, the one on Pastoral Leadership and Ministry.

While I have been in leadership positions in the local church off and on for some number of terms over the past 15-20 years, it is good to currently go back to the basics, to find out and remind myself again what leadership is all about.

What does God say about leading others? What does the Pastoral Ministry have to do with what God has in mind for me?

Learning from various leaders in the Bible helped bring to life not just the successes of some leaders, but their failures as well.

What I learnt from my fourth module: Pastoral Leadership and Ministry

  1. There are many Biblical leaders

  2. Many are known for their successes, their faith, and yes it is good to learn from them

  3. What is also true is that there were all humans, and therefore, many failed as well.

  4. It is good to learn from their weaknesses as well.

  5. Not only to see what they did wrong and hence try to avoid them.

  6. But to see, despite them failing, how a gracious God helped them through, accepted them, allowing them to grow in the process of ups and downs

Ministry is about serving.

Leadership is about serving.

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