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122. My Journey so far as an STM TEE student… 5. My fifth module - Biblical Theology

The first half of 2018 passed really fast, and I have already gone through 4 modules. So many assignments to complete!

But I was on a roll, so I signed up for the Biblical Theology module in July.

What I learnt from my fifth module: Biblical Theology

  1. A new way of looking at the Bible

  2. A new way to discover the work of God throughout the scriptures

  3. A holistic way to study the Word of God

  4. One stream and storyline throughout the Old and New Testament

  5. The Old Testament looks forward to the work of Christ, the New testament looks at the work of Christ, and we look at the world through the lens of what Christ has done.

Basically a new way of responding and digging into the Word of God... Cool!

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