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125. My Journey so far as an STM TEE student… 8. My eighth module - Biblical Worship & Liturgy

The end of January 2019 arrived and I am hot into my 2nd module for the year, Biblical Worship and Liturgy. Being a Christian for many years, I have always been asked the differences between the denominations. One of the answers is in the way we view worship and the different ways a Sunday service is carried out. Glad to learn not only the details from a Lutheran perspective, but also learnt from the Methodists, the Anglicans, and very many more.


The learnings I most gleaned were:

1. Even in the Christian world, there is much diversity;

2. Different ways of doing things, stem from different ways of seeing and understanding things;

3. The essentials are important, they need to be the same;'

4. The non essentials are not, so don't be divided over them....

5. I asked myself doing class often: "This is what they believe, what do I believe?"

6. Introspection and reflection, along with some decisions, help in the growth process in the walk with God....

Next week I go on to the 3rd module for the year.... tada: The Book of Revelation!

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