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126. My Journey so far as an STM TEE student… 9. My ninth module - The Book of Revelation

This was a very much anticipated class. The month of March was focused on my class for the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible and the New Testament.

Over the years of my Christian life, I had an up and down relationship with this book. As I grew as a young believer, I was very much caught up in the predictions of the books, the foretelling of the 2nd coming of Christ. When? Where? How? What to look out for? Signs? Miracles? Trials? Those were the questions I sought after, and boy was there plenty to fill the time of a young man looking for answers.

As I grew up and got more busy with life, I grew distant from this book. Realising that there is insufficient detail to meet my curiosity and that there were more questions raised rather than answers, I pretty much left this book alone.

Then over the last five years or so, as I dwelled more in the Word, and listening to respected teachers, I grew again in my understanding of the book.

Along with this class, I learnt that:

1. It is NOT chronological all the way;

2. It is NOT literal most of the way;

3. It is RELEVANT to us today;

4. God has a message of HOPE to all;

5. The God of this book is the same one in the rest of the Bible;

6. God loves us ALL....

See you next week!

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