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127. My Journey so far as an STM TEE student… 10. My tenth module - Biblical Interpretation

April 2019 came in a flash.... 3 modules completed for the year so far (classes only of course, still have assignments to go).

The 4th module I signed up for is a CORE module, so I had to take it, Core Modules do not come around very often.

I am happy to meet again previous lecturers for this course. Rev Aaron whom taught me Minor Prophets now covering the OT portion and Rev Dr Tan whom taught me Inductive Bible Study in my 1st Module not covering the NT part.

I looked forward to the course.

This time however, from 2 Elective courses, this is Core, hence plenty to learn and refresh.

Let's see, what were my learnings here?

New Testament

1. Heheh, I learnt basic English again, a much needed recap: adjectives, adverbs, infinitives, genitives, tenses, pronouns, seemingly simple, but helped me in reading the Word from a learning perspective

2. Breaking NT books into different types of structures in order to see patterns and different ways of writing

3. Studying the Gospels in a new way: looking at setting, characters, plot, main theme, event flow, and the author's intent

4. Diving deeply into the parables, looking at the message, the patterns, and then jumping into a few in more detail

Old Testament

1. Learnt how the NT writers handled the OT

2. Then how the early church fathers handled the OT,

3. Then how current historians handled it

4. Then how current Biblical scholars handled it

5. Then how current day Christian leaders handled it

6. Then how we should handle it today

(and of course the details are all there)

Overall, a good wrap up of study methods to read and understand the OT and NT......

Assignment time again... :)

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