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130. My Journey so far as an STM TEE student… 13. My 13th module - Book of Ezekiel

This is my last post on my TEE studies for now as we reach real time.... I just completed my 13th module in Sept 2019 and the Book of Ezekiel is a super exciting book to learn.

My thoughts from recently completing classes for this:

1. The classes this time was quite different as we had a chance to act out various scenes from the book (cool);

2. We did group exegesis together so there were many discussions and almost heated disagreements as well (heehee)

3. We had a drawing exercise to capture some of the more fantastic visions of Ezekiel

4. We had presentations of our group exegesis which allowed some of us to practise our presentation and delivery skills too

I was glad I attended this class as I learnt so much more than I could ever have if I were to ever read and study the book on my own.

My studies will continue on (I have to complete 20 modules in total), but my musings on this will stop for now as I plunge on into completing assignments for the rest of 2019.

Here ends this quarter's topic, for now.

Next quarter, as we move into October, I'll look at something else to talk about....see ya!

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