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131. Hmmm what should I write about now???

Hello all, it is the start of another quarter ... time to start another blog series, problem is, I'm kinda having a writing mental block.... don't know what to write about.... so I'm looking around my house to see what keeps me occupied during my free time, and I realise, yea, why not talk about hobbies?

So for the rest of 2019, I'll blog about the few things in my life I have been engaged in as hobbies in the many previous years up to today.

Off the cuff, I'll be talking about:

1. Book reading (and collecting of course) 2. Board games.... my current passion 3. Computer games, iPad games more recently.. 4. 2nd hand book selling (releasing (1) to fund (2).... 5. .... I think that should be enough to last me the rest of the year

Heheh, as I post in the few weeks, there'll be plenty of pics, so if you see something you like, message me, I might be letting some of them go (see (4) above) heheh

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