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133. Hobbies: 2. Computer Games (Newer)

Years after XCom (I stopped playing after some time)....I found the following game being played by many of my school friends....

WARCRAFT 3!!!! Yeahhhhh!

A fantasy role playing game like kind of game, with new worlds, new creatures, new heroes, classic roles, new roles, awesome storyline, got me hooked. Then someone bought me (for my birthday I think, a full version of WarCraft 3 and The Frozen Throne Expansion..... ooooohhhh there goes my life again..... hours spent in front of the screen.... I kind of miss those times sigh... now I just dont have the patience to spend hours at a time in a game....

But then, I was just hooked on the storyline, I wanted to find out what's next, what's the next objective, who's the next hero, etc

Any of you readers got hooked to games such as these?

Let me know in the comments, we can discuss how we spent all those hours away.... haha

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