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134. Hobbies: 3. iPad Games (Clash of Clans)

When 2010 came along, and Apple created the iPad... my gaming life took a turn. Now i don't have to play games glued to a computer anymore.

One of the first game I got hooked on was the famous Supercell game called Clash of Clans. It was, and still is so addictive, it took gamification to another level, and it got me hooked for years. I started playing in 2011, I think, played for 2 years, then stopped.

I deleted the game, stayed off it for another 2 years. Then my boy found out about it and started playing. He asked me to join him, and I got hooked again in 2015. I managed to resurrect my old profile and continued playing. I went on for another year or so. Then stopped in 2017. But I started again (for the last time) in 2018 and played for about a year.

Earlier 2019, I switched over to another game (next post) and I finally (I hope) stopped this Clash of Clans thing.

Not sure if this lasts, but over the years, I learnt the power of gamification on the iPad.... designers are clever, thus we need a firm will to actually stop a game once loved...

Next week I share what took me off the Clash of Clans craze...

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