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135. Hobbies: 4. iPad Games (Clash Royale)

After the craze of Clash of Clans, I got tired of waiting, and someone introduced me to a new variant, also from SuperCell..... Clash Royale.... it's small enough to play on the iPhone.... and it is similarly addictive.... each game is also short enough (2-3 minutes) that you can play it anytime, anywhere......and again, the little ways in which you can level up and small rewards all along the way make it so easy to be hooked...

Then a colleague of mine asked me to join his clan, and the rest is history....

Question: How can a handheld game be so immersive that one can be so distracted by it?

This game kept my mind occupied when needed, and kept me busy when waiting in line etc.... really a mini way to keep busy heheh.

Really need to look for a more healthy way to spend time...

On a more positive note, I do spend some time with my little boy playing the game and drawing the characters etc..... good time spent!

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