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142. Hobbies: 11. Board Games (collecting)

My most current hobby is, as many will know, collecting and playing board games.

If you would have noticed, when I enjoy a certain thing, be it books or games, not only do i read or play them, there is this side of me that NEEDS to have the whole set.

So even in games, when I first ventured into board games, I was introduced to the Game Small World, published by Days of Wonder. I loved the game and therefore bought it and played it.

Then as time passed and I did more research, I found that many Days of Wonder Games are generally fun, easy to learn and teach, and appeals to kids too.

Therefore the collector in me reared up!

I started collecting Days of Wonder games. The picture here is only the first 5 that i bought from the same publisher. Since I took that picture, I have also bought a few more.

Are they worth buying? For me the answer is Yes, as I play my games mostly with my children, and I still find this line very suitable, for now.

Do you play games? Do you buy to play or buy to COLLECT, and PLAY?

Next week, I will look at another type of game which is heavy on playing and definitely heavy on collecting....

Stay tuned...

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