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143. Hobbies: 12. Board Games (playing)

After collecting games, of course one should be playing them.... the next part of my hobby, playing the Board Games I are a few of them...

This is Mr Jack, a 2 player game I play quite often with my boy, where one person is actually Jack the Ripper and the other player is trying to find Jack before he escapes the city. Strategic in nature, easy to learn, and fun to play....

This is Kingsburg, a 2-4 player game, which I usually play as a 2 player game. You roll dice and use the scores to choose the resources you want. We use our Meeples Dice Tower to add flavor to the game. Super fun...

This is Deep Space D-6, a solo game where you roll dice to control the crew of a specialised space ship. Trying to defeat enemies from outside trying to attack your ship and internal issues in your ship.

A lot of dice chucking and some strategy required.

This is Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul Kar... a reprinted game from Restoration Games, a 2-4 player game where you get to roll fireballs and flick flame balls at your opponents, but be careful, poor aims can cause the balls of fire to fall on yourself, ow!

Good game to play with kids 4-13 yo or so....

And thus this will be my last post for 2019.... I will see you in 2020 with a new topic....

Happy New Year to all!

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