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159. A Time of Staying at home: Challenge 2 - Not being able to meet others

I am an Introvert by heart... so I thought, this MCO shouldn't impact me much.....

But then, it is....

Why, I wonder?

I think I am an extroverted introvert.... in my deepest heart and soul, I still need to meet up with good friends for a chat, for a drink of teh tarik, for a quick game of Keyforge, or Lord of the Rings....

Not being able to physically meet up with my church community on Sundays...

3 weeks is not really a long time, in normal circumstances, but without these conversations and time with others, the toll on the self can be high, heavy burdens carried on shoulders for a bit too long by the lonesome....

A bit depressing? Could be... but stay tuned to Post 164 onwards....!

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