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160. A Time of Staying at home: Challenge 3 - Not being able to shop and buy stuff as usual

Over the weeks of the MCO, shopping has taken a big shift. We cannot go shop for stuff just to have a walk at the malls anymore.

We cannot go out unless we are buying essentials! Thank God I am usually the one to shop for my family. Now I only go alone, queue in long queues, wearing masks, standing at minimum distances from other shoppers, controlling ourselves not to hoard stuff, only get what we need, and try to to touch anything unnecessarily, minimise contact with others, get what we need and go.

Then, have to go straight home.... this new routine, even though we are doing less, seems more tiring.....

Have to get used to it....

Seems depressing? Stay tuned for more bright sparks from Post 164 onwards...

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