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162. A Time of Staying at home: Challenge 5 - Home Focused Everything

As I am a full time working parent in the office, I did not realise this can be an issue until the MCO, when the whole family is kept at home, and everything is done at home.

2 full time working parents with laptops and con calls and teleconferencing throughout the week +

2 school going kids usually in school for 2/3 of the day now doing online classes using the home desktop and laptop

(all four of us on earphone+mics speaking into the computers)+

1 toddler+

my mum and our helpers.....

Eating, studying, working, cleaning, playing, exercising: ALL at HOME!

A boiling pot of fun and activity :)

How's your household been during this MCO?

Take care and stay safe.... silver linings coming in post #164 onwards ...

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