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163. A Time of Staying at home: Challenge 6 - Balancing Life and Work

This is the last challenge to the MCO I will highlight here. While there may not only be 6, I guess it is enough to prove the point that being cooped up at home is not easy.

For this week, I want to look at the difficulty in achieving a balance while we work from home. In a previous post a few weeks ago, I showed that it is not easy drawing the line between the hours at home doing work and doing household stuff.

Today, I want to focus on the mind. Even if we physically pull ourselves away from our laptops to do what we need to for the home or family, the nearness of the laptop makes the mind distracted as well. I myself find it difficult to pull my thoughts away from that one more email i can reply, the one more call i can make to a colleague, that one more document I can review... that makes it much more difficult to say, I am done with work for today.

Even when I am having dinner with the family, playing a board game with the kids, there is that nagging thought that there is one more thing I can finish before the night ends.

I believe this is unhealthy for me as the body-mind-soul-spirit is never at rest, never having the time to recharge for the next day....

What about you? Have trouble letting go of work when the laptop is always only a few feet from you?

How do you go about balancing? Achieving harmony?

Next week onwards, I will look at some silver linings behind this MCO for me.... stay tuned!

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