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165. A Time of Staying at home: Silver Lining 2 - More Time with the kids

The second silver lining is a big one for me. Spending more time with my school going children. Why? in the past we sent them to Chinese school, and thus I as a "banana" (Chinese but cannot speak or understand Chinese) only sent them for tuition when it comes to their school academics. However, since Day 1 of the MCO, we switched the 2 older ones to an English speaking school. Because of the MCO, the school organised online learning / classes for the children.... yay!

This was my area... now, on top of faith education (which I was their main facilitator), I now help them also with their school work. This is the most fulfilling thing I can do (which I loved of course).

Now, I have many more opportunities to invest myself into what truly counts, the education and ongoing development of my kids. We have the opportunity to discuss all things under the sun, from English sentence structures to Mathematical formulas to History, to Geography, to the meaning of life, to how the Holy Spirit bestows God's grace on us.... etc

Life is meaningful!

Stay tuned for more silver lining next week!

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