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168. A Time of Staying at home: Silver Lining 5 - More Time for personal development

In this day and age where everyone is going into digital learning, plus the fact that the whole world is pushed into a situation where most office based people now working from home have to do, plus the fact that schools are also going into online learning, plus how religious institutions like churches are conducting online worship services, it is no surprise that learning and personal development for adults have also gone digital.

Not promoting here, but one avenue I find very helpful is the platform called Linked In Learning. With my employer's membership access available, it is an excellent channel to learn so many different types of new skills and acquire new knowledge.

Then, I go back to old school. If you have seen my previous posts, you will remember that I have a crazy extensive library at home, mainly because of my hoarding mentality and my collecting addition, I have so many books (physical ones) to read.

Books range from the following genres:

1. Fiction: I read espionage and fantasy;

2. Non fiction: Management, Leadership, Team building

3. Relationships: Parenting and Marriage

Being at home, I make it a point to have a book from each area mentioned at various parts of the house: one in the living room, one in the toilet, one in the bedroom, and one on the dining table.....

Do I read more? I believe so.... here's to self development....

No time to read? Try e-books or audio books.

See you next week for my final 6th silver lining for the MCO season....

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