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169. A Time of Staying at home: Silver Lining 6 - More opportunities and reason to strengthen your f

It is in times like these when our faith is challenged. In this time of having to stay at home, amidst the busyness of work and managing the household, I was besieged with questions...

Not questions of doubt .... but questions of purpose... questions of direction.... what am I called to be or do at this time?

A change of environment caused me to take time to pause and reflect... is it all about the rat race? Where does health come in? Physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health....

Hence I started to look into re-examining what the Holy Scriptures has to say, making references to other resources on worship of God and how to behave in daily life (ethics).

Too often have I seen people in my life caught up in the things of the world and losing their bearings... and I am afraid of falling into the same trap.....

This season is apt for me to reflect..... do we reflect enough in this day and age? Maybe we don't have the time, maybe we don't want to, for fear of what we might find....

I end this first half of 2020 with this thought..... where are we headed? Is that where we are called to go?

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