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171. What to do when staying at home? 2. Playing boardgames with one other person - 2 player games

If you are not alone, and with one other person willing or able to play games with you, there is a plethora of games out there for you to choose from. I remember playing chess and checkers when i was young. Now, there are just so many more out there. You can play abstract strategy games like those, or there is always a thematic game out there for you.

Disney? Marvel? Star Wars? Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? There are many many more....

This is Krosmaster: Arena, a 2 player duel where you control a group of up to 4 individual characters to battle out an opponent with his/her own 4 characters. The characters are the small bodied, large headed Chibi type of cartoon characters. So cute...

Each character has its own special powers and ways to play. Your 4 characters are not fixed, you can mix and match any characters and just spend 30 minutes or so rolling dice and praying that your rolls will be enough to damage your opponent.

I spent many great sessions playing against my 8yo boy.

This one is quite thematic to Greek mythology. It is called Fight for Olympus.

Both players try to collect sufficient points to beat the other by drawing cards from a shared deck and get the right combos to upend the plans of your opponent by pitting famous Greek characters against each other.

This one is a classic for me and my boy. I started him into board gaming via this game called Dungeon Twister, a game with similarities to chess. Each player controls 8 different characters with different powers.

Story: A powerful archmage locked your whole group of 8 in his insane dungeon and the best team that can outwit his traps and the other party can escape.

Ways to win victory points include:

1. Running out of the dungeon (across enemy lines);

2. Eliminate enemy characters

3. Carrying treasure out of the dungeon

Super thinky, no dice and very much strategic in nature.

Keyforge. Designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of the super famous Magic: The Gathering.

A 2 player card game where each player has a deck of 37 cards, and the aim is to collect Aether, and use them to forge 3 keys.

Very unique concept, not just gameplay, but the design of the game as well.

There are many many more. If you want recommendations, drop me a note.

Stay tuned.... next for 3-4 players.....

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