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172. What to do when staying at home? 3. 3-4 player games

Your family loves games? Usually spend time together watching TV? Why not gather 3 or 4 people together and play some games?

Just get a nice stable table and you are good to go.

World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game

Watched the movie? Played the video/computer game? Read the books?

2-4 players get to move around the world of Azeroth to go on quests and defeat enemies...

Fun times....

Coney Island

Wanna build your own funfair?

You can build your own theme park, game stalls, shows, etc

Older kids, say 8yo and above, may be able to learn and play with adults....


I played this 4player with my mum, 8yo boy and 11 yo girl. The players are Elven princes/princesses trying to gather influence across the lands.

Relic Runners

From Days of Wonder, 2-4 players become treasure hunters, running around a jungle, racing to acquire relics from ruins, and old temples and buildings....

As per my previous posts, there are themes to suit everybody...

Next week... games for kids or to play with kids

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