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174. What to do when staying at home? 5. Games for kids and with kids (Part 2)

Last week we looked at some board games you can play with your younger kids.

If you have older kids (or more mature ones), say 8+, there are also some you may want to try out... they can be strategic in nature and still be very attractive for the children... some are abstract but many have quite interesting themes...

DC Deck Building Game

Do you and your kids like DC? Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc?

2 to 4 players can work together (kind of) to defeat the villains from the DC universe... while the theme can be anything, the DC art is nice and the powers that come in the cards are quite fitting to the characters

My 8yo and 11yo loved it when we played 3 players...

Mr Jack

This is a 2 player game set in the world of Sherlock Holmes and the infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper.....

One of you play the role of Jack and disguises yourself as some other character in the game...

The other player controls the other characters and try to deduce who is the disguised Mr Jack.

A very thinky game that will keep each player occupied as one tries to outsmart the other.. in a game of cat and mouse

My 8yo boy and I played many games and every session was not a dull one.

Towers of Arkhanos

A 2 to 4 player game.... this game uses lots of dice of many colours, taken from a huge bag.

After rolling the dice, the players draft them (each taking turns taking one each) for use to build the different pillars of 4 magical towers on the play area....

As the towers grow taller, so does the different points you can collect

Very colourful and suitable for a fun family evening of 45 minutes to 1 hour for a family of 3 or 4....

Interested to find out more about Board Games.... ?

Contact me here or visit the following website I follow:

Board Game Geek: Descriptions of games

The Dice Tower: Reviews of games - can also go to YouTube

Stay tuned next week for more varieties of games... I'll be looking at some games that people may call introductory or gateway games... those that are popular with many that just started in board games, and even are staples in many more experienced gamers....

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