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175. What to do when staying at home? 6. Games for new gamers (and not so new)

You want to play games, but your friends and family do not really know about the new types of games in the market. Sure, they know chess, monopoly, checkers, scrabble, backgammon, BINGO!

But you have heard that there are so many more types out there that may give a different experience to you and your friends and family.

Where do you start?

Let me share with you a few that I currently own and play, to help you kick start your search...

Phantom Society

A simple game of 2-4 players.... where 2 teams pit wits against each other, 1 team being ghosts that haunt a mansion and 1 team being ghost hunters whom try to capture those pesky ghosts...

A simple hide and seek game, suitable for kids right up to adults, using minor strategies and good observation skills

Ticket to Ride

One of the most popular games in the past 10+ years, this 2-4 player game combines set collection and route building... each player taking a few hidden objective cards, then taking turns to collect train cards to trade them in for trains to be put across the USA from city to city, earning points as you go along, simple to learn but loads of fun to do better than your fellow players....

Lost Temple

2-6 players race through the jungle to claim and collect treasures along the way. Each turn players draft character cards to help them achieve their goals. Each character having special unique powers to assist the players along their journeys...


2 to 4 players try their best to build a bear park using tetris-shaped (polyominos) - to furnish their individual player boards with exhibits of bears, facilities and stalls: all in order to obtain the most points by the end game, which will be triggered by the first person whom completes 4 of their individual boards...

Easy to teach, easy to learn, play but difficult to master, as players will always rush to get the higher point items for their own parks

The varieties available out there will take your breath away, but start slow, do your research, and you'll find games that are suitable for you and your game group...

Stay tuned as next week, we will look at what i feel are mid-level difficulty games, those that may be a bit more complicated than those in this post....

Until then take care and go play some games...

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