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79. Public Speaking Advanced: 1. Why? Purpose and Objective

Ah, welcome back to my public speaking series. For the next few months, I will be looking at a continuation of the journey from the Intermediate Module we covered in the second quarter of 2018.

After looking at the different scenarios we may be involved in, this quarter, to wrap up 2018, let us look at how we can prepare the content for use during public speaking.

From now until the end of the year, we will, on a weekly basis explore the various areas of content creation.

Today, we will start looking at the Why of Content Creation.

Before we even begin to prepare the material, we need to know the reason behind the speech.

What is the objective of your speech? What is the purpose you are speaking?

Are you asked to speak to a specific audience?

Were you given a specific topic to cover?

Were you chosen to give the speech because you are a subject matter expert (SME)? Or are you just the only available person to do so?

Do you have something to accomplish at the end of the speech?

What is the end goal of your speech?

Are you presenting information?

Are you giving an analysis? Or telling a story? Sharing a personal experience?

Knowing why you are giving the speech will help you tremendously in your preparation. You will need to always come back to the Why in order to lead your audience in the intended direction.

Think about these questions whenever you are preparing to speak in public.

Write out a few key statements to orient yourself to the right direction at the initial stages.

Next week we will look at the Conclusion of your speech. How should it end? How do you close off the speech?

Until next week, think about it

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