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93. A New Year 2019: 2. Some books I enjoyed reading/playing

I first started reading fantasy types of books when I was in secondary school in the 1990s.

I enjoyed Dragonlance books and Forgotten Realms tremendously. They really helped me read and enhanced my love for reading. I attribute my love for reading and writing and gaming to this time of my life when I was hooked on this genre of writings.

I also was intrigued by game books. Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone were my favourite authors then.

You can see some glimpses of these books below.

These books are still available today. At least I think so. Anyway, the reading of these types of books again and again helped me develop a love for creative writing as well as sparked my interest in, at least then, looking out for a source of learning and entertainment that was more active rather than just passively consuming novels.

I started exploring hobby games.

As I mentioned I a previous post, Magic the Gathering (MtG) was the card game that got me started in the hobby. I played casually with friends in local hobby shops.

That was almost 20 years ago. While I sold off all my cards when I gave it up in the early 2000s, the love for games stuck through the years.

Until today, I still have some love for not only THAT game, but have developed an affinity for many similar and also different games that have been published over the years.

Interested in reading books of Fantasy and Sword and Sorcery? Not sure where to start? Drop me a note.

Next post we shall look at: Some games I used to enjoy playing...

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