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111. Training a Trainer (Learnings): 7. Content - Accessible

Today we continue looking at Content creation for a trainer. What type of content is good for your audience and participants? We looked at Researched and Educational Content.

Today I want to highlight Accessible content. What do I mean?

Accessible means that the student have the opportunity or way to get the content. What ever we teach or show our audience needs to be available for the heaters to get, either through us, or later when they go home.

We can provide the content either by soft copy, or printed handouts. Or else, we can provide a link whereby they can go home and download the materials.

Why is this important? I believe that as trainers, we cannot be hoarding our information and details. We need to add value by not just speaking for the people to hear or presenting for them to see, they should be able to take their material home/ or consume them at home so that they can continue accessing the benefits after we are done with the class or event.

This way, the benefits live on longer, and the impact we have on our audience can last longer.

Do you make your materials accessible? Why? Why not?

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