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141. Hobbies: 10. Reading Books (by topic)

This week I share about my reading hobby. A portion of my reading is topical in nature. When I am interested in a hot topic, I’ll spend time reading multiple books on the same topic.

Tip: don’t read the book from cover to cover. I use this method, hope you find it useful: 1. Read the back cover 2. Read the introduction chapter 3. Scan through the index or content page; identify the sub topics that interest you 4. Go to the identified chapters 5. At each identified chapter, read the intro and summary paragraphs 6. Want to pursue further after your initial read in (5)? If yes, read the chapter further. If not go to the next identified chapter. 7. Mark off those chapters you covered at the index 8. Enough reading here? Move on 9. Repeat 1-8 on the next book in the same topic 10. Enough on one topic? Put these books aside and go explore a new topic.

Attached pictures show 2 topics that I have been interested in for many years: parenting/relationships and public speaking.

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