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146. The Benefits of Reading: 3. Entertainment and relaxation

Sometimes we just want to lay back and relax.... reading need not always be serious, or have a definite purpose in mind.

Sometimes, one can just read for fun.

Take the book I'm holding in the picture here, the Marvel Encyclopedia: Marvel Knights.

I found this book at a sale, and since I was a Marvel fan (sort of), the title caught my eye.

What fun it is to just read and look through information just to widen your fiction awareness and knowledge.

While I know the information obtained here will never be used for anything useful, the minutes spent going through the pages, I believe kept me occupied, distracted me from the stresses of life (for a short time, at least) and also helped developed my creativity and well of ideas.

Now that, my friends, may be useful in time to come.

So who said reading for fun had no perks?

I believe there are benefits here too!

What do you read for fun? To while time away? Do people criticise you for "wasting" time?

Balance your reading, I'd say, as a balanced approach is always good.

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