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147. The Benefits of Reading: 4. Learning technical topics

This week we continue looking at the benefits of reading.... now at technical knowhow.

Idiot's Guides and the For Dummies Guides series are 2 of my oft sought after book sets when I want to learn new topics / topics I am not specialised in.

The series allows me to read lightly, when the topics themselves may not be light.

They allow me an easy, simplified time of learning with no stress and very little boredom.

These books are written to inform whom you may call, the lay people, those from the outside of the industry, of the spheres, those whom are curious and yet don't want to delve too deep into the topics.

Over the years I have collected so many in the series. I have skimmed through many of them, and while I may not be proficient in most of them, I belief I have sufficient awareness in most of them that I can roughly hold my own in conversations in those topics.

Fancy increasing knowledge in new technical knowledge, try out the Idiot's Guides or For Dummies Guides.... easy and fun reading....

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