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149. The Benefits of Reading: 6. Going Deeper into your hobby

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What do you make time for even when you don't have time? If the answer for the two questions are the same, that is your hobby. Something you are passionate about that you will do it whenever you have time, and even when you don't, you will strive to make time for you to engage in it.

Want to find out more about your hobby? Want to develop your knowledge in it? Books are one of the best ways to go about it.

My current passion and hobby is in board gaming. I can be considered as a newbie as I only started roughly 24 years ago :)

Reading about your hobbies is always a joy.

Invest in some good reading material. Plenty out there.

Not sure where to go?

There are physical book stores like:

1. MPH

2. Bookaxxess

3. Kinokuniya

4. Borders

5. Popular

6. etc

There are online book stores:

1. Amazon

2. Bookdepository

3. Betterworldbooks

Or if you wanna share with me your hobby, I just might have something for you....

Happy Reading!

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