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150. The Benefits of Reading: 7. Gaining Broader Knowledge on Specific Sub Topics

Remember my first post in this series? I mentioned that I am a lay preacher in my church? Hence my main topic of interest regarding that area was, of course, preaching.

However, learning the skill alone is insufficient. The content knowledge needs to be developed as well. For a lay preacher, there needs to be reading in the Bible, in theology, in so many topics seen in this case as sub-topics.

Therefore, investment of money and time has to go into these areas too.

Surrounding my head in the picture are just a few books related to theology.

As the subtopic itself is so wide, different authors and groups of editors have different perspectives.

Definitely a worthwhile investment to study the great writers from different positions rather than getting your information merely from the web.

What topics are you having to learn about in your professional capacity?

I suggest reading more widely and go beyond the web and exploring real books written not just recently but also slightly early works too.

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