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151. The Benefits of Reading: 8. Fill time in toilet (or while waiting)

How much time do we waste nowadays in the following scenarios?

1. Caught in traffic jams (while driving)

2. Waiting in line to buy something or pay for something

3. Waiting at a lobby of an office building waiting for a loved one

4. Caught in traffic jams (while in a Grab car)

5. Sitting in the toilet

For (1) above, please don't read, listen to an audiobook (need some? Message me)

For (5) above, traditionally people read newspapers. Nowadays, people may read their phone (please be careful here and don't drop your phones into the bowl!)

For numbers (2), (3) and (4) above, why don't you read a good book?

There are many books designed for toilet reading, like the book I am holding here.

Called the Bathroom book, the editors simplify many many books into summaries of 2 pages each.

They cover literature, other fiction, leadership, management, classics, etc into 3-5 minute reads.

Can you imagine how much we can learn in the short spurts of time we spend waiting?

I recommend The Great American Bathroom Book series and also the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series.

You may decide to go for smart phone apps nowadays that summarises books for a price.

I still feel that reading from books are the way to go, in times like these. Of course, keep an app with you for times when you have to rush to the toilet and may not have time to grab a book along the way. Your phone is always with you right?

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