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152. The Benefits of Reading: 9. For development at work

Sometimes your work demands you to upgrade yourself. Sometimes your boss wants to give you that promotion, but you feel you need to up-skill yourself.

While there are courses you can take, or e-learning modules you can enrol for, there are always books out there going into detail about a topic you need to master.

Sometimes, a book is just the informal development channel you need to push yourself past a personal threshold.

Edward De Bono (picture of book in the picture) is a popular author that many read. I decided to explore his books and found them extremely insightful.

Want to develop yourself in management theory? Plenty of authors out there.



Team building?

Critical thinking?

Self development?

There is always a book for you.

What are you reading to develop yourself today?

I feel news articles keep you updated, web articles keep you informed, but books build you up!

Invest in yourself!

Read something powerful today!

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