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153. The Benefits of Reading: 10. Expand your imagination and creativity

There is always space in your brain for fiction, things that are not set in reality. Reading books of a fictional nature is a good way to expand your mind, to stretch it beyond where it is used to go.

Works of fiction are so plentiful in the market that I will not know where to start to recommend.

So I will just highlight some of the genres (types of writing) that I find interesting:

1. Legal fiction (eg of author: John Grisham)

2. Military fiction (eg of author: Tom Clancy)

3. Spy fiction (eg of author: Robert Ludlum)

4. Fantasy fiction (eg of author: JRR Tolkien)

5. Science fiction (eg of author: Roger Zalazny)

Of course there are so many more.....

These are just a few that I recently read....

Why do I read fiction?

1. Brings me away from the current day to day

2. Stretches my imagination

3. Increases my vocabulary

4. Enhances creativity

5. Helps in thinking out of the box....

And so many more reasons...

Have you read fiction recently?

Let me challenge you to pick up a book, and try.... not sure where to start? Message me, I amy be able to recommend something to you

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