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154. The Benefits of Reading: 11. Fast skills and tips out of necessity

Sometimes life brings you times of change, and you are put into new situations fast, such that there may not be time to take a course. In these instances, books help to give fast information and good tips for learning and emulating.

This is applicable to me. When I first found out I was to become a dad, I freaked out. Then I went to the place where I know knowledge and wisdom of many have been captured, distilled and recorded.... books.

There will be times when you feel no one knows how you feel, trust me, some people do.

These people over the years, have written their experiences down in books.

Some topics in this post:

1. Parenting

2. Getting married

3. Handling illnesses

4. Going through difficult times

5. Helping people in need

6. etc

Are you going through transition / change now?

Not sure where to go for help?

In addition to family and good friends, books are a good resource to approach too....

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