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155. The Benefits of Reading: 12. Deepening your faith

I cannot write a list of benefits without highlighting this one.

For those of us whom have our own personal faiths, reading is one of the main ways to grow that faith. Most faiths are 100s of years old and have been studied and developed by many greats in earlier years and also in current years.

Now most of us may not be scholars or academics or greats in our faiths (some of us are, I believe), with books, we can learn from these greats.

So one of the things you should read is material to increase your faith.

One of the staples of my reading library and my reading time has to be, for me, my bible.

I usually use my trusty NIV Study Bible.

(Here it is in the picture, heheh)

So what do you find most useful to read to increase or strengthen your individual faith?

Go read it more!

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